2008 List of Winners:

  1. V. Balasubramaniyam, Chennai – WRTH
  2. T. M. Murukanandam, Thiruvaikavur – Radio One Umbrella
  3. P. Raja, Vennanthur – Radio One college Bag
  4. K. arun, Meenatchipalaya – Radio One college Bag
  5. E. Selvaraj, Minnakal - DW T-Shirt
  6. Ragu, Vedaranyam - Radio Mirchi CD case
  7. G. Paravina - Radio Mirchi CD case
  8. P. Paneerselavam - Radio Mirchi CD case
  9. T.M. Sivaranjani, Thiruvaikavur - Radio Mirchi CD case
  10. Kannan Sekar, Thimiri – Radio Mirchi Coffee Cup
  11. N.T. Shanmugam, Thasappakovundanpudur - Radio Mirchi Coffee Cup
  12. K. Jameel ahnad, Vilupuram - Radio Mirchi Coffee Cup
  13. K.M. Raju, Andarasanpatti - Radio Mirchi Coffee Cup
  14. S. Ramalingam, Chennai – Joseph J. Carr’s Practical Antenna Handbook given by Alokesh Gupta
  15. M. Sugumar, Andra – DW Cotton bag
  16. S. Abirami, Vinapakkam – DW Cotton bag
  17. S. Bharathi, Kathirnaiyakkanpatti – DW Cotton bag
  18. T. Alakesan, Nallampalli – DW Cell phone tag
  19. Parthiban, Orapakkam – DW Cell phone tag
  20. P.S. Sekar, Thalainjairu DW Cell phone tag
  21. Geetha Murukanandam, Thiruvaikavur – DW Cell phone tag
  22. Gunalan, Tanjavur – DW Key chain
  23. G. Sathis Kumar, Pondychery – DW Key chain
  24. Viji Karthikeyan, Meenatchipalayam – DW Key chain
  25. M.C. Boopathi, Erode – DW Key chain
  26. O.S. Ramasamy, Odayakatur – DW Pen
  27. L. Murugan, Kurinikulathupatti – DW pen
  28. Ragam Palaniyappan, Kaliyappampalayam – DW Pen
  29. Ksav Mayan, Chennai – Radio Mirchi opener
  30. Baghat Sing, Palani – Radio Mirchi opener
  31. R. Magendran, Mannachanallur – Radio Mirchi opener
  32. Beeman, Muthalaipatti – Radio Mirchi opener
  33. K. Anitha, Meenatchipalayam – Radio Mirchi Tag pen
  34. Alli Mohansundaram, Coimbatore – CVC Australia Towel
  35. A.M. Najmul ariffin, Trichy – CVC Australia Towel
  36. CHV. Ramana, Tirupathi – DW GMT Mouse pad
  37. Avinash Premji, Bangalore – DW GMT Mouse pad
  38. Muneer. K.P, Calicut – One copy of 2008 Domestic Broadcasting Survey by DSWCI
  39. Muralidharan, Bangalore – DW GMT Mouse pad
  40. Kavithuli Saktheeswaran, Namagiripettai – Radio Prague History book
  41. R. Anbalagan, Manakkal – Radio Prague History book

International winners

  1. Jonathon Pukila, Canada – “This is All India Radio” book given by Alokesh Gupta
  2. Anreas Mucklich, Germany – European Medium Wave Guide in pdf format
  3. Bjorn Fransson, Sweden – European Medium Wave Guide in pdf format
  4. Wolfgang Gargittel, Austria – European Medium Wave Guide in pdf format
  5. Dieter Leupold, Germany – One year online subscription of “Dxers Guide”
  6. M. Brawanski, Germany – One year online subscription of “Dxers Guide”
  7. Sebastian Arndt, Germany – One year online subscription of “Dxers Guide”
  8. Simon Peter Liehr, Germany – One year online subscription of “Dxers Guide”
  9. Vladimir Rozhkov, Russia – One year online subscription of “Dxers Guide”

About the Quiz

In 2008 the Ardic DX Club celebrates its 10th anniversary. For ten years it has been the primary source of information for dxing enthusiasts all over the Tamil Nadu, India.

In order to celebrate this event, a quiz is being organised. The quiz is open to anyone, regardless of location or club membership.The quiz does not solely deal with Tamil Dxing, but covers very different radio aspects. Answering following 25 questions you can show your radio knowledge.

No quiz without prizes of course. You wish to contribute a prize? Please contact me! And to make the contest interesting to everybody, a few prizes will be given randomly to entrants. So if the questions look hard, participate anyway.

Quiz starts from 1 July 2008
Quiz closed on 30 September 2008

Result will be published on or before 31 October 2008

Quiz Answers in Red

1. Radio Veritas broadcasts from The Philippines which is a
A. Buddhist Country
B. Catholic country
C. Islamic country

2. This person served in BBC Tamil Service:
A. Abdul Hameed
B. Anandhi
C. Vaasanthi

3. Radio Deutsche Welle broadcasts from the German City
A. Berlin
B. Bonn
C. Frankfurt

4. The popular listeners' contact program of Radio France International is called
A. Maple Leaf Mail Bag
B. Listeners' Garden
C. Club 9516

5. World of Haiku is a program segment aired by
A. China Radio International
B. Radio Japan
C. Radio Korea

6. Happy Station was a very popular program that ran for decades aired by
A. Radio Netherlands
B. Swiss Radio International,
C. Radio Sweden

7. Radio Deutsche Welle broadcasts to South Asia via Trincomalee Relay on the MW frequency of
A. 11 79 kHz
B. 1458 kHz
C. 1548 kHz

8. A rating of 555 in SIO code means the transmission was
A. Excellent
B. Good
C. Poor

9. SSB stands for
A. Same Side Broadcast
B. Single Side Band
C. Single Side Broadcast

10. QSL means
A. Hello, How are you
B. Keep Listening
C. You heard our broadcast

11. This station never broadcast in TAMIL.
A. Radio Moscow
B. Radio Netherlands
C. Voice of America

12. RTI stands for
A. Radio Taipei International
B. Radio Taiwan International
C. Radio Turkey International

13. The Directory of Global Broadcasting is
A. Monitoring Times
B. Passport to World Band Radio
C. World Radio TV Handbook

14. Broadcasters generally introduce the new summer frequencies on
A. The last day of March
B. The last Sunday of March
C. The last Sunday of October

15. 1000 UTC is
A. 10-00 AM in London
B. 10-00 AM in Tokyo
C. 10-00 PM in London

16. 13635 kHz belongs to
A. 16m band
B. 19m Band
C. 22m band

17. Which radio station issued this QSL:

A. Radio Australia
B. Radio Austria
C. Radio Afganistan

18. Name the broadcaster who issued this sticker.


19. Which station Signature tune can you hear in this audio clip? (Link opens in another window or tab) SBS Australia, Tamil

20. Who is the announcer in this sound clip? (Link opens in another window or tab) Wolfram Hess

21. Which station Signature tune can you hear in this audio clip? (Link opens in another window or tab) BBC Tamil Service

22. Which programe signature tune can you hear in this audio clip? It is the popular Mailbag programme Signature tune. (Link opens in another window or tab) Radio New Zeland International

23. What station can you hear in this audio clip? (Link opens in another window or tab) Radio Veritas Asia, Philipines

24. Which station Signature tune can you hear in this audio clip? (Link opens in another window or tab) BBC Marathi on 1940's

25. Which station broadcast this famous audio clip of 1932? (Link opens in another window or tab) BBC World Service

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